Driving Lesson
Step-by-Step Plan (RIS)

Driving Lesson Step-by-Step Plan (RIS):
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Driving Lessons in Steps is a learning method where you learn
to drive step-by-step. This helps to prepare you to take part in traffic.

Rijopleiding in Stappen

The benefits

Driving Lessons in Steps let you progress as soon as you master a step. The first step usually consists of a homework assignment. The last step is an assignment you can perform individually in changing situations. You will complete 39 ‘instructions’, spread over four modules.

Each module is concluded with a test. When you have finished the first two modules, your knowledge and skills will be tested. Your driving instructor will supervise these tests.

During the third test you will become familiar with the methods used by CBR and you will practice the final exam. The examiner with give you tips to help you improve. You will also be able to earn credits for special manoeuvres during the final practical exam. Additionally you will cover ‘independent driving’ and make a personal evaluation during this module.

The forth and final test is the final exam at CBR.

You will be given homework as part of the Step-by-step plan (RIS), which you be required to complete before each lesson. The time you need to spend on this varies with each student.

Procedures Script

During the Driving Lessons in Steps (RIS), you will learn the different procedures you will need to command whilst driving a car. These procedures are described in a lesson book in the form of a ‘user guide’, and are called scripts. A script explains procedures such as driving off, turning or overtaking.

A good example is the SCAN script: look ahead 200 meters, look back, look in the rear view mirror, look in front of the car, look in the side mirror. The scripts help you to learn the various driving skills.

Student Card

During the Driving Lessons in Steps you will receive your own student card. Your instructor will use this card to monitor your progress in detail. You will also able to look at your progress and see what you still need to learn. The student card is incorporated into the student driving course booklet.

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